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We use pure cane sugar crystals to exfoliate and polish skin, unrefined shea butter for its natural vitamins, healing and moisturizing properties, coconut & grapeseed oils to soften and condition skin without clogging pores or leaving a greasy feel. These rich ingredients yield a fluffy and whipped yet dense creamy texture. For immediate, long-lasting results and smoother, younger-looking skin, use our Smooth & Silky Gentle Sugar Buff. This professional exfoliator is formulated using only the finest ingredients.


Features And Benefits

• NO leaky oils, NO mixing required

• Natural alpha-hydroxy acid for gentle exfoliation

• Helps remove dead skin cells for fresher looking skin

• Nourishing and hydrating, non-comedogenic

• Free rinsing and dissolves quickly, will not clog drains

• The high unsaponifiable in Shea Butter help skin stay young looking by stimulating the tissue and helps skin make its own collagen. It also promotes cell regeneration and capillary circulation

Gentle Sugar Facial Exfoliant, Lavender

60 Milliliters

    11:00 AM - 5:00 PM Every day

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